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Maruchan & Santa Barbara
"Review: Barcliff & Bair Cafe"

An elegant cafe at La Arcada Court  in Down Town Santa Barbara.

"Get the ingredients every morning,  use them up by the end of the day."
Sounds easy, but it is actually hard to do.  This cafe sticks to it.
Traditional French Toast with seasonal fruit
The aroma of cinnamon was coming up from thick sliced French Toast,  with syrup and whipped butter on the side.
Pictured left is in half size,  $5.99.
Their music has a taste,  too.
It looks ordinary French Toast,  but those fruits were extraordinary fresh!
I would say, "Get me more,  please."

Breakfast menu includes egg dishes like Omelette and Egg Benedict,  Pancake,  French Toast,  and Waffle.
My server recommended me their Spanish Omelette and Traditional French Toast (featured above).

Drinks includes coffee,  tea,  fresh squeezed lemonade.  Wine and Beer,  too.

Lunch menu has Sandwiches,  Soup, Salad,  and Dessert.
We can choose our Sandwich in two sizes.

The restaurant is divided in four rooms:  Outside Patio on State St.,  and on La Arcada Court,  Tables just inside of the entrance,  and a quieter room( pictured ).
Adjoining La Arcada Court Mall has some interesting decorations here and there.  Don't miss a kid on dad's shoulder and a window cleaner sculpture.

The owner chef was trained in France and the restaurant reflects her honest and calm personality.
Good place.

Classic lookBarcliff & Bair

1112 State St., Santa Barbara, CA 93101
("La Arcada Court", Down Town Santa Barbara,  between Anapamu St. and Figueroa St.)
Park at Public Parking nearby.


Breakfast and Lunch only.
Mon-Fri: 9a-Noon for breakfast & 11:30a-3p for lunch
Sat: 9a-Noon for breakfast & 11:30a-5p for lunch
Sun: 9a-1p for breakfast & 11:30a-5p for lunch

Take out O.K.,  VISA and MasterCard accepted.  Private party up to 50 people.
Kids menu and clean bathroom.

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2/23/2005 updated